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About Fenwick
Demolition and Dirt​

Tony Fenwick, Fenwick Demolition and Dirt’s director has over 30 years experience in demolition on commercial, industrial and domestic projects. His experience, dedication and knowledge make him the perfect person to oversee your project.

Fenwick Demolition and Dirt have been contracted to demolish many different types of contaminated industrial sites. From wool sheds, hospitals, abattoirs, bus depos, sugar mills and redundant mining plant, burnt out buildings and train stations. We have extensive experience in a variety of different settings with all types of contaminated material removal.

Fenwick Demolition and Dirt is experienced in all current regulated forms of demolition – manual and mechanical. Using the latest equipment enables Fenwick Demolition and Dirt to deliver projects on time and to a quality standard. 

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About Fenwick Demolition and Dirt​
Fenwick Demolition and Dirt

Fenwick Demolition and Dirt have extensive experience in the handling of hazardous materials. Our company frequently encounters hazardous materials on job sites from asbestos to non-putrescible soil, synthetic mineral fibres and lead based paint. To ensure that we are completing the contaminated material removal and the demolition process as safely as possible, we work with qualified hygienists.

Asbestos removal is one of our primary business services. Our employees retain all necessary licences for current legislation compliant asbestos removal and Tony (owner / director) holds an unrestricted demolition licence. Our company complies with the tracking requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency and are fully versed in lodging the necessary permits through Safe Work. WHS is taken very seriously and our company holds Australian Certified WHS, Environmental and QA management systems. Fenwick Demolition and Dirt have the plant and equipment to ensure your project has a successful outcome for all.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your project requirements.